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Self Care Leaflets

We have recently added some new files to our list of downloadable PDF patient advice leaflets. Please do have a look at them if you are suffering from a common ailment as they contain some very helpful advice on what symptoms you can expect and when to seek medical advice.

When to Have Vaccinations

flu clinics at Steyning Health CentreWe have produced a short leaflet recommending when to have certain vaccinations (Shingles, Men ACWY, Pneumococcal, Whooping Cough). You can also view the recommended childhood immunisation schedule page of our website

Shingles & Pneumococcal (pneumonia) Vaccination

Dr Galloway has recommended at risk groups should have the Pneumococcal vaccination to protect against pneumonia and that those of you aged 70, 71, 72, 78, 79 on 1st September 2015 should have the Shingles vaccination. (The middle 70’s age group will be covered in the next 2/3 years). Both the Shingles and Pneumococcal vaccinations are one off vaccines, if you haven’t taken up the offer please do book an appointment. Please visit the links below for further information:

Pneumococcal vaccination - advice from NHS Choices
Shingles vaccination - advice from NHS Choices

Electronic Prescribing Scheme (EPS)

Electronic Prescribing SchemeThis system has embedded well and with very few hitches. For many years the doctors have had to print or write a green prescription and sign it and then for the patient to collect it and take it to the pharmacy. The pharmacist was meant to recognise the signature and then dispense. Well no longer! The admin team now put the request onto our clinical system, the GP approves and signs the request electronically and seconds later it is ready for the pharmacist to download. But this can only happen if you have nominated a pharmacy; so if you haven’t already done so, when you next make a medication request please do so.

Named Accountable GP

All patients have now been allocated a named accountable GP in accordance with our GMS contract and NHS England. Patients are still able to request an appointment to see any GP of their choice. To find out who you have been allocated, please ask at Reception when you are next in the surgery or you can find the information on your repeat prescription slip