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Do you really need an appointment? Please check our 'self help' guide first.

Appointments are given for the named person only.

When booking, you may express preference for a GP but subject to availability, you may be offered an alternative GP or health professional

Repeat prescriptions can take up to 48 hours to process so please hand in your request at least three days before you need your medication renewed.

We do not accept repeat prescription requests over the phone or via email. Please send your repeat prescription by post, fax or in person or log in to our online services (registered users only)

Our website contains a number of pages of health advice and links to a number of external websites.

Remember that all advice is intended solely for registered patients of Steyning Health Centre and that it should not be used a substitute for seeking advice from your GP. If in doubt book a consultation with your doctor.

Please see this section for advice on the schedule for getting your child immunised from birth through to 18 years of age.

The recommended schedule is based upon the latest up to date advice from the 'UK Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation' (JCVI).

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Patient Online Services

This notice is to advise you that the clinical record system at Steyning Health Centre is changing from Vision to SystmOne.We wish to advise you that with effect from Wednesday 4th May the Patient Services website will close to patients of Steyning Health Centre.

The Online Services portal where you are able currently to request repeat prescriptions and book appointments will be at a new website

Before you are able to log in to this new website you will need to register afresh to use the service. You will need to complete a registration form (available at the practice and on the practice website) and bring with you to the Health Centre personal identification data such as a passport or driving licence. Each individual requesting online access will have to register in person unless written authorisation is given granting consent or Power of Attorney.

Please note the practice will not be able to provide new registrations until Monday 23rd May 2016

Repeat Prescriptions

Please help us by ordering your Repeat Prescriptions before Wednesday 4th May or after May 15th. This is because for a lot of this period the contact and prescribing data will have to be manually entered onto the new system.

Wednesday 22nd June – Surgery closed for training

In order to improve the service we provide for you - our patients - we will be closed from 12pmon the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd June for staff training.

There is still an urgent service available should you need NHS help or support on this afternoon by calling 111.

This time means that your practice team can make sure it is up-to-date with methods of clinical practice and to improve all aspects of care that we are able to offer you - our patients.

Shingles & Pneumococcal (pneumonia) Vaccination

Dr Galloway has recommended at risk groups should have the Pneumococcal vaccination to protect against pneumonia and that those of you aged 70, 71, 72, 78, 79 on 1st September 2015 should have the Shingles vaccination.  (The middle 70’s age group will be covered in the next 2/3 years). Both the Shingles and Pneumococcal vaccinations are one off vaccines, if you haven’t taken up the offer please do book an appointment.
For further information:

pneumococcal vaccination:
shingles vaccination:

New Clinical Patient Record System

The practice has made the decision to change to a new electronic patient record system called SystmOne from TPP. We hope that the new system will bring substantial benefits for both patients and staff.  For those of you who would like to find out more about the system please go to

Our current system Vision was the market leader 5 years ago, but InPS the supplier has struggled to update the product to keep it at the forefront.  As the specification for these products has become more demanding Vision has become slow in operation and not met the demands of patients with its On Line services interface.

The planned date for switchover to the new system is 10th May 2016.  During that week we shall not be able to record data onto either system but will have paper systems in place.  These paper records will then be transferred onto the new system as soon as possible.  We will, apart for short periods, be able to view records during the changeover week and will endeavour to keep a full service in operation.  We shall be asking you to help us by ordering all repeat medications well in advance.

Users of the Vision Online and Patient Services web system for ordering repeat prescriptions will need to register afresh for the SystmOne service.  We will contact you nearer to the time with instructions.

There are three major systems that GP practices in England use and SystmOne is the fastest growing.  Approximately 50% of the practices in West Sussex and the Sussex Community NHS Trust (our provider of Community nursing and Physiotherapy services) have chosen SystmOne. 

In order to improve the security and robustness of patient data the DoH have made it mandatory that all systems become “Hosted”, that is the patient records are to be stored off site at a central, secure purpose built location.  Our current system is stored locally but when we switch to SystmOne the records will become hosted.  This reduces the risk of losing data in the event of a fire here at the health centre destroying our computer server.  Whilst we have other arrangements in place for the security of the records an offsite solution would enable us to be up and running very quickly at another site. 

Named Accountable GP

All patients have now been allocated a named accountable GP in accordance with our GMS contract and NHS England. Patients are still able to request an appointment to see any GP of their choice. To find out who you have been allocated, please ask at Reception when you are next in the surgery or you can find the information on your repeat prescription slip.

Retirement and New Staff

Once more a long term serving member of staff has retired.  Breda Dewar had been with us as a Health Care Assistant for 26 years and retired at the end of December 2015.  Breda was the mainstay of Phlebotomy at the practice during that period and got to know her patients exceptionally well.  Most loved her but one or two perhaps found her Irish humour a little difficult to take at 08:00am!  Apart from the Phlebotomy which for years she did mainly on her own, she also became our Smoking Cessation Advisor and our go to for doing ECGs and Blood pressure tests.  We will miss her.

We welcome a new Health Care Assistant (HCA) Tracie Simon.  Tracie previously worked in Portslade as an HCA and comes ready with a great deal of experience of Phlebotomy but also for doing, Smoking Cessation, NHS Health Checks, and some dressings.  She has settled in well and I’m sure will be liked by her patients   

Welcome to new chair of PPG Lesley Humber

We are very pleased to welcome Lesley Humber as chair of the Patient Participation Group, she has worked within the Health and Social sector for many years gaining a great deal of knowledge.

Transfer of Vision Online accounts to the new Vision service, Patient Services

Until the new SystmOne Clinical system is in place, to be able to use the online services to request prescriptions or book appointments you will need to have registered with the Vision Patient Services web site.  The login for our Online Services website has moved from  to The new site will be faster in operation, easier to use and is designed to work on smartphones and tablets as well as PCs.

For those of you who haven’t yet registered for Online Services please download the registration forms from our online services page or collect from the practice and then attend in person, bringing with you photographic i.d.

For those of you who previously registered for Online Services, please go to the current website at myvisiononline and enter our practice national ID. H82022 and sign in with your current username and password it will guide you through the process of registering for patient-services.  It may be that your existing user name and password will need to be changed as the new site has increased the security standards. 

The new website will enable you to see any acute (not on a repeat) medication you have had recently and if you do require a further batch of something listed you may request it directly rather than adding a comment.

We know that several of you have found it difficult to transfer your Vision Online account to their new service Patient Services.  For many this has gone smoothly but for others it has not been easy.  We do apologise for this.  Unfortunately, the services are run by InPS and we are unable to access this part of the system to help you.  If you are struggling with this do please use the InPS Vision help email service located on the web page.  They may take 2/3 days to respond but it is our experience that they will do so.  There is also a Help button that takes you to a series of video demonstrations.

- Read more and download the registration forms by following this link

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The website lets patients leave reviews of GP Surgeries, Hospitals, Dentists, Pharmacies, Nursing homes etc.. To read reviews of Steyning Health Centre or to leave your own review please visit

New GPs

We have planned our winter services and have increased our appointment availability by employing a new doctor Dr Melissa Constable for 2 days a week and for the winter period to re-engage a locum Dr Emily McKitterick.  Dr Ian Creek has also agreed to continue with us.  We are very pleased to have been able to secure all three of them as not only is there a shortage of GPs in the south, they come with excellent reputations. 

At our Upper Beeding Branch surgery, a service that we remain firmly committed to, in January 2016 we will be opening an additional clinic on a Tuesday morning with a female GP.

GP Registrar

The Practice would like to welcome Dr Alec Kent, GP Registrar, who will be joining the practice for one year.

Electronic Prescribing SchemeElectronic Prescribing Scheme (EPS)

This system has embedded well and with very few hitches.  For many years the doctors have had to print or write a green prescription and sign it and then for the patient to collect it and take it to the pharmacy.  The pharmacist was meant to recognise the signature and then dispense.  Well no longer!  The admin team now put the request onto our clinical system, the GP approves and signs the request electronically and seconds later it is ready for the pharmacist to download.  But this can only happen if you have nominated a pharmacy; so if you haven’t already done so, when you next make a medication request please do so.

- find out more about the elctronic prescribing scheme